3 Carat Lab Created Diamond: The Sustainable Solution to Classic Jewellery

They popularly refer to it as the ‘fire’ and ‘brilliance’ of the stone which has been the subject of affection for centuries. While people have always been drawn to the glamour of a large diamond, it is important to consider the added cost and controversy. Fortunately, there are beautiful and eco-friendly options now available in the form of cultured or man-made diamonds. In this article, WE offer a detailed guide to 3 carat lab-grown diamonds, covering all aspects of them to help make the right choice.

What a 3 carat lab-grown diamond?

Carat is used to determine the weight of a diamond and one carat is equal to 0/centimeters. 2 grams. Based on the carat it is clear that 3 carat is really a strong stone and will definitely have a great presence. Lab grown diamonds are the artificial diamonds prepared in technological facilities as compared to the mined diamonds. These diamonds in every sense of the word are real diamonds and are indistinguishable from mined diamonds and these are the products which are available on the markets.

The Big Three: They are; Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat.

When evaluating a 3 carat lab-grown diamond, three key factors determine its value and beauty:It also means that the expertise, examination of 3 carat lab-grown diamond contain three parameters to value beauty.

  • Cut: The cut concerns the faces and the angles that make up facets on a diamond. The best example to describe this is that, should a diamond be polished properly then it will definitely reflect the maximum amount of light to give it the best brilliance and fire possible. Of all the diamonds, those possessing the round brilliant or princess cut are considered perfect because of the light they emit.
  • Clarity: Internal features refers to imperfections, inclusion or other deformities that may exist on the inside of the diamond. The proportion of higher clarity is identified as a flawless (FL) or internally flawless (IF), and of course, you should know that such diamonds are incredibly rare and pricey; however, the diamonds with slight inclusions include the VS1 or VS2, and they are more suitable for those who need both high-quality and absolutely reasonable price.
  • Colour: Creating artificial diamonds is done based on a colour scale while ranging from colourless known as D to light yellow known as Z. However, D-rated diamonds are more valuable as they are usually flawless with no presence of gravel or any form of opacity. However, there are coloured less light stones such as E-F and these come with excellent brilliance at a little lower price.
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The Brilliance of Choice: The Shapes and Settings

A lab created diamond, precisely one that has a size of 3 carats, opens new horizons in creativity and imagination. Popular shapes include:

  • Round Brilliant: Diamonds look marriage-like and are for those, who chose eternal principles and will never be out of fashion.
  • Oval: A fashionable style that forms a lovely long thread and gives out an attractive look.
  • Princess: As is well known, it was striking geometric and the sense of modernity.
  • Emerald: An advanced faceting work that reveals the diamond’s clarity and fiery aspects inside it.

Now coming on to the role of setting in the diamond itself, the setting can also be very important in presenting your 3 carat diamond. Popular choices include:

  • Solitaire: It symbolises that it is for all ages and the setting that is being chosen is a classical one where the diamond is the only element of importance.
  • Halo: Larger diamonds are placed on the periphery and they work to make the central diamond look bigger and all the more sparkling than it really is.
  • Three-Stone: Cut in a pavé and brilliant style which is surrounded by two smaller diamonds to represent the couple’s prior, present and future.

Revealing the Value Proposition: 

Another bonus of 3 carat lab created diamond is that they are cost-effective or rather, relatively inexpensive. For instance, the level of cost differentiation might be 20-40% lower than that of mined diamonds of similar size and quality. This means that even buyers who cannot afford a big diamond can still afford a larger one, which is more attractive.

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Additionally, sustainable growth of diamond makes lab-grown diamond free from the controversies arising from mining of the mined diamonds. Mining may cause benefits to the environment and may lead to violation of human rights. By opting for laboratory grown stones you can embark on your diamond journey away from conflict and also consider the best interest of our environment.

How to take care of your 3 Carat lab grown diamond?

Cadenced grown diamonds and natural diamonds are equally hardy with a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale of mineralogy. However, the proper care should be employed in order to keep the jewels as shiny as they are in the picture. Here’s how:

  • Cleaning: Speaking of washing the face and hands, the best practice is to use warm or hot water but not boiling water and as for the soap, it is better and safer not to use strong soap. Cleaning it is another factor that ought to be done in a very good way and this can be by rinsing the diamond in water or any liquid for approximately 10 to 15 mins and then gently scrubbing the surface of the diamond using a toothbrush. Wash thoroughly and scrub lightly with fine fabric so that the grains do not adhere to the surface.
  • Storage: Keep the diamond in a sealed pouch or contained area of a jewellery box made from a soft material to avoid abrasion.

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