4 Services Offered by Local SEO Resellers

Local businesses use SEO to attract nearby shoppers to their stores. Clients who want help with finding customers can work with SEO specialists to increase the number of visitors to their websites. Here are four services that a local SEO reseller offers:

Keyword Research

Local keywords benefit businesses with physical locations or those seeking customers within specific regions. Adding city names, states, landmarks, or neighborhoods in keywords helps people find businesses close to them. When selecting keywords, professionals assess why people conduct local searches, such as finding a local store that sells what they need.

A skilled SEO team analyzes how frequently people search for specific words to identify popular keywords. From the analysis, they select words that are in a better position on search platforms. Experts also analyze the phrases driving traffic for similar businesses in the area to know the right keywords to use. Longer and more specific terms that target buyers in certain places have lower competition, allowing new companies to stand out.

Content Creation

Before writing articles for local businesses, SEO experts research to know what they like, how they use products/services, and which brands they prefer. Blog posts and guest articles are a good way to introduce a business and connect with people in the community who can become customers. Creating content that addresses specific problems or questions helps the community know more about a brand. As more people discover and engage with such content, they are more likely to recognize and trust what the company sells.

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An experienced local SEO reseller uses keywords containing locations when writing blogs and guest articles to help them appear higher in search results. A professional SEO vendor includes positive reviews, testimonials, success stories, or case studies from local customers to build trust. Adding an interesting call-to-action option motivates customers to go to a store or call a business if they want to know more details about its products.

Google My Business Optimization

Creating a Google My Business (GMB) profile helps promote a business online and gain more customers. The profile includes the business name, location, telephone number, email address, website link, and operating hours. This information helps customers find and reach out to the company. Adding pictures of the products, team, and the shop itself makes the profile more inviting, attracting potential buyers.

SEO specialists also regularly update the GMB account to keep people engaged with the business. Responding to the reviews and questions posted on the GMB profile reflects good customer service, which may positively influence people to visit the business. This tool details how people search and engage with the listing, which is a guideline for improving marketing.

Link Building

For local businesses, SEO professionals acquire quality backlinks through guest posting. This involves creating helpful content for other websites, and in exchange, they link the credit back to a client’s site. Backlinks from reputable publishers establish the business as credible and noteworthy.

Local backlinks show search engines that your business is relevant in a specific area, making it appear visible to customers. To maintain organic traffic, experts verify that backlinks are still active, directing traffic to your client’s website. If they identify broken or redirected links, they fix them to avoid losing the number of people visiting the site.  

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Partner With a Local SEO Reseller

Whether you want to find the right keywords, create meaningful content, or acquire backlinks, an SEO professional can help. They identify SEO issues that are causing the business to miss opportunities to reach potential customers online and rectify them. Contact a trusted local SEO reseller to learn more about their services and improve SEO success.

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